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  • The Thing

    The Thing

    "That 'Thing' You Do!"--
    The rise and fall of a fictional 60s pop-band who have to balance romance, egos and over-night chart-topping success whilst figuring out which one of them is "The Thing".
    The poster can be a bunch of mop-topped 60s popstars, but one of them is this fucking guy from the coolest movie poster ever trying to blend in.

    They're remaking this again, why not go for a "big swing" for this little "The Thing"

  • Malignant


    I'm the backwards man the backwards man,
    The backwards man the backwards man,
    I can walk backwards fast as you can,
    I can walk backwards fast as you can.

    What a third act! James Wan, fire your colorist.

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  • The Suicide Squad

    The Suicide Squad

    I never need to see a Superhero movie again. That's not because this is the best Superhero movie or anything (although...), just a statement that's been true for years...

    That said, this is very good. It's genuinely creative, with lavish, top of the line work from all the departments. James Gunn is a great example of a guy whose work I have always enjoyed, but I started to forget that because he's become one of those twitter-brained guys? But he's…

  • Operation Avalanche

    Operation Avalanche

    Rewatch - the tonal shift as the film progresses doesn't fully work for me, but it all builds to it so gradually that I totally get it.

    A minor masterpiece, I love this film. Then again, it's so specifically my taste that I wouldn't begrudge anyone who hates it - this fucking rules.

    As an aside, the brief, CGI recreated Kubrick nostalgia is infinitely better in this no budget movie than the Billion dollar one in Ready Player One.