Heat ★★★★

Oh these two definitely need to smooch. 

I’ve been putting off this film for a while due to the runtime, but when I finally came to it the movie felt like it flew by. Still, I feel like they could have cut out the nazi serial killer subplot lmao. But I guess when you’re going to make an epic, you’ve have to do everything, and Mann certainly tried to do just that. *cough* suicide scene *cough* 

I was surprised at how atmospheric this film was in between the bursts of action. I kept thinking of the quiet-loud formula of 90s bands like Nirvana and how this was basically the movie version of that. So many soft conversations, but when they got to working, they really worked. The bank robbery scene actually within the bank was short, but it was one of the best I think I’ve seen on screen. Something about the way DeNiro got up on the counter....

The cast wasn’t necessarily the most star studded in the traditional sense, but literally everyone they had was someone that is extremely fun to watch on screen. DeNiro was good, but I think I’ll remember that Pacino performance forever. It’s like he took Travolta’s character from Faceoff and gave him a heart. Absolutely incredible. And I finally got to see the GREAT ASSSS line! That was so exciting. Also, after just having finished The Leftovers, I was shocked to see Amy Brenneman all young and not smoking. I don’t think I’ve seen her in anything else, so that was fun.

The moral of the story is: if you find a kid alone at a bus stop and they said they wanted to be alone, commit that motherfucker!

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