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  • Stalker
  • Her
  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  • Mirror

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  • The Return of King Lapusneanu


  • Mouchette


  • Pickpocket


  • In the Realm of the Senses


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  • Terrorizers



    This is just overwhelmingly dense and amazing, like genuinely mind-blowingly great in ways. Don't have much to add to this film that hasn't already been said in other reviews on this website, but Edward Yang really is a fantastic director that I'm excited to see more of after both this and A Brighter Summer Day basically being masterpieces. Everything about the screenplay here is brought to life in a way that is as beautifully poetic as it is awfully bleak, but most of all it is truthful in every regard.

  • Fitzcarraldo



    Pure insanity that I can't stop being baffled by in just about every way

Popular reviews

  • Dune


    Piss off Blade Runner 2049, THIS is what I'm excited about!

    P.S. I'm still excited for 2049, but I think the idea of a Blade Runner sequel is unneccesary, and that Dune sounds way cooler. I'm looking forward to it as a new Villeneuve film, but not neccesarily as a new Blade Runner film.

    Edit: lol, I was dumb

  • Climax



    I don't think any other movie has made me just afraid of... people, life, the outside world. Just like Loveless from 2017, this wasn't a film that immediately got under my skin while watching it, though I was still disturbed, but started frightening me after it ended. It's a masterpiece, I'm sure of it, but it's also dreadful to have on your mind. There's so much beauty to it, it's about so much more than just "people go crazy after…