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  • It Comes at Night

    It Comes at Night


    Spoilers, kind of????

    My first watch of this film wasn't that great. I was spoiled on one aspect of the film and it distracted me for the entire runtime. My theater was incredibly obnoxious and people were constantly laughing and yelling. I saw it with a friend I don't like anymore and I don't hang out with anymore. But still, I could appreciate this film and thought it was great filmmaking, though I didn't have a great experience with it.…

  • 12 Angry Men

    12 Angry Men


    I loved everything about it. I never knew I could love a courtroom drama this much, but this was incredible in every single way. I thought this would feel dated or cheesy, but it wasn't either of those things, at least to me. The movie just unexpectedly hits you and it's so much more than just some trial. The characters all have a lot of personality and they're all so captivating to watch and the movie has a suprising amount…

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  • Hereditary



    Fucking hell jesus fucking christ goddammit

  • Dune


    Piss off Blade Runner 2049, THIS is what I'm excited about!

    P.S. I'm still excited for 2049, but I think the idea of a Blade Runner sequel is unneccesary, and that Dune sounds way cooler. I'm looking forward to it as a new Villeneuve film, but not neccesarily as a new Blade Runner film.

    Edit: lol, I was dumb