Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★

A few fun kills, characters, set pieces, and shots made this a relatively fun and mind-numbing romp on a lazy Sunday night. Beyond that, Army of the Dead feels like another promising, yet somewhat dissapointing, film from the mind of Zach Snyder that his army of stans will undoubtedly and misguidedly place on a pedestal as a crowning achievement in film. What truly bogs the film down after its hit or miss action sequences is the half-baked, emotional drive of the movie between Dave Bautista's hardened protagonist and Ella Purnell, who plays his daughter. At no point did I ever care for these characters or their relationship, and conversations between them always felt stilted. Of course, every film needs some emotional stakes, but this film would have benefitted greatly if more time had been put into fleshing their relationship out; or, better yet, just cutting it out completely to chip away at that long runtime. Overall, Army of the Dead is probably a movie much better watched as a YouTube compilation of its action set pieces. But as a lazy Sunday night watch, you could do worse.

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