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  • John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

    John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum


    I honestly wasn’t expecting this movie to compare to the other two as the first John Wick was amazing, the second one was a little more of the same with a little more ridiculous added to it. The third installment started off going 100 miles an hour. When you do a third movie you start running out of ways to present it unless you roll with what got you here and just try to dial it up even more. The…

  • The Utah Cabin Murders

    The Utah Cabin Murders


    It’s rare for me to remove a movie from the player before it is over but tonight I did. This movie is slow, the acting is bad and the story itself will bore you to death. I always fall for the Redbox covers and say to myself “well this looks interesting” but I usually end up saying “why did I waste my time and even think for a second that this could be a good horror movie”. Apparently they no longer make them 😖

  • Booksmart



    It starts out as Superbad but with two girls but you soon start to see the difference between the two movies. First of all I get the entertainment value but seriously, high school is nothing like theirs.  This is the ultimate teen movie full of sarcasm and a lesson about finding balance, even if it doesn’t happen till the last day of school. It’s definitely nice to see a movie that isn’t afraid to take on a little different tone and story and done with teen girls instead of the usual gross high school dudes.

  • It Chapter Two

    It Chapter Two


    Not gonna lie, I feel this one doesn’t come close to the first chapter. Here’s what I didn’t like, but I understand that movies that are adapted from books have to follow along and usually don’t get a chance to do their own things. 
    1. Killing off a character before we even had a chance to settle into the movie. 
    2. Spending too much time trying to figure out who is who, the characters of Stanley and Bill were a…

  • The Banana Splits Movie

    The Banana Splits Movie

    I’ve seen some great horror movies and this one isn’t one of them. I think doing this type of movie with characters from a kids show from decades ago could have been so much better, and in creepier fashion. I wasn’t expecting much and that’s exactly what was delivered. It eventually got more interesting at least but I can’t justify telling anyone they should subject themselves to this mess

  • The Secret Life of Pets 2

    The Secret Life of Pets 2


    While this movie wasn’t horrible, it was made more enjoyable for the randomness of some strange and unexpected sequences. When the dogs arrive at the farm, the cow doing an impression of a dog was probably the best scene in the whole movie. I really enjoyed the first movie. This one, not so much as it seemed thrown together like most sequels to kids movies (see LEGO Movie 2) where they know they have you coming to see this one…

  • Brightburn



    I wanted to see this when it hit theaters but I don’t like going to the movies alone so I never made it. I did enjoy it here at home and super enjoyed how the surround sound kicked it up to 11 at certain points of emphasis and not just the jump scares. Most of the time the movie’s focus is visual and the audio stuff gets passed over leaving the viewer hit with only one dimension and not a…

  • The Nun

    The Nun


    Just when I thought I had seen a horrible movie before putting The Nun in, I longed for the bad Seth Rogen movie I had watched earlier today. 
    This movie is all over the place, one strange scene after another like they were spinning a wheel in the edit room to determine where to put what. This movie is proof that you can turn the volume up to startle the audience in an effort to try to scare them but all it is successful in doing is waking them up from their slumber.

  • Long Shot

    Long Shot


    It didn’t take long for me to ask myself why I rented this movie. $1.75 at Redbox and I still feel cheated. I don’t feel much chemistry between these two which is kinda what the whole movie is based on. The oafy, pot smoking Seth Rogan character that he has played in countless movies is stale and one would think that his acting ability would have evolved some by this point. 
    For a comedy, the laughs are far and few between.

  • Revolver



    Not sure which was more confusing......the movie itself or the fact that this is the only movie that Jason Statham has hair. This is the product of Crank and Split if they were to conceive. Ray Liota in a speedo will give me nightmares for weeks to come I have no doubt.

  • The Captive

    The Captive


    I now find it difficult to watch Ryan Reynolds in any movie without hearing Deadpool coming out just a bit but this movie makes me forget his best work is while he is in the red suit, with the brown pants 🤭
    I enjoyed this movie as it constantly is built up with different emotions as you can relate to his fear, anger, sadness, and guilt throughout. While I do prefer him rambling off some witty banter, I do enjoy seeing that he is capable of playing a part that isn’t meant to gross us out (Waiting)

  • Unfriended


    I don’t usually hate a movie but this one falls into that category. The concept was original which is the only reason I rated it anything at all. It is annoying to watch, almost as if you would sit and stare at a blender for an hour and a half as you just keep adding things trying to give it some taste and texture. In fact playing with a blender would be a better use of time. I’m actually surprised that there hasn’t been more movies made already that revolve around social media and the power of deleting people.......hmmmmm 🤔