Blow ★★

Performances : 4.2/10
Story : 5.6/10
Production : 3.3/10
Overall : 4.37/10

Johnny Depp and his buddy buy some pot for the first time, moments later they are "kings of the beach". A certain character gets an inexplicable nosebleed, moments later she "doesn't have two years to live". It's lack of detail and a breakneck pace through expositional scenes that makes Blow difficult to stomach. It's poorly written for the most part. The dialogue especially is cringe inducing and isn't helped along by it's delivery. The film tries to tie itself together using voiceovers, bringing obvious Scorsese comparisons to mind. I didn't know that this was possible, but somehow these voiceovers are even delivered poorly.

Johnny Depp is atrocious and his hair looks absolutely silly in every scene. He feels like he's not even trying and he's not alone in this. Most of the supporting cast is poor, with the exception of Paul Reubens. When Pee-Wee Herman is stealing scenes in your film, you have a serious problem.

In the end there are certainly no white horses or pretty ladies or positive words waiting at the door. Blow wants to be Goodfellas, and Ray Liotta has no problem with that.

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