The War of the Worlds ★½

Performances : 3/10
Story : 3/10
Production : 4/10
Overall : 3.33/10

You know, everyone crawls up Hollywood's ass when they make an unnecessary reboot or sequel of a film. Nobody says anything though when they get it right. They got it right when they did the Tom Cruise remake of this, because this version was painful to watch.

At one point in the film, while the main characters prepare to launch an attack on their unsuspecting foe, a voice comes over the loudspeaker giving the following official fucking warning :

"Attention please. Four minutes 'til bomb time"

Fucking really!? It's moments like that, along with horrible dialogue and honestly atrocious lighting that make The War of the Worlds come off as a film that has no idea, thematically, where it wants to go.

It hurts me to say this but skip this garbage and go see the remake. At least Tim Robbins is in it.

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