The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street ★★★★

Performances : 8.7/10
Story : 7/10
Production : 8.4/10
Overall : 8.03/10

Pros : 180 minutes of the knob being dialed up to 11. There's no time for any real character moments in The Wolf of Wall Street, although that doesn't seem to bother anyone involved. There isn't a minute wasted in this film, and you'll probably have the same feeling that I did when the credits start to roll : "Already?"
There isn't really a dud performance to be found, and Scorsese is up to his usual tricks, showing off impeccable craftmanship and telling his story almost perfectly.

Cons : Really, the major drawback is it's lack of character moments. There's just no time for it. That might ruin this one for some people, but with so much other great stuff happening it's really hard to get too upset.

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