Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★

This is somewhere between a deconstruction and a homage to whodunit films. On the one hand you get way more clear details about the murder than usual, so much of the tension of the film is seeing if the detective will figure things out that you already know. Despite this though there are enough twists and aha moments that the final act of the movie feels satisfying.

The ensemble cast is great, the locations, costumes, and set design are all some of the best in recent memory, and the music is pretty great (unsure if it's an original score, too lazy to look).

Points are mostly taken off because it's frankly a pretty slow movie for a thriller; the not-quite whodunit idea is a bit too clever for it's own good, and there is a lack of tension maybe because it abandons the typical "the killer could do it again at any time" factor. But on the other hand, this relatively light take on the genre (it's PG-13 as well) makes it a good thanksgiving / family movie or the sort of thing that you might want to watch on a snowy day.

All said, it's a very competent movie that didn't blow me away, but was surely worth seeing.

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