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  • Lean On Me

    Lean On Me

    This is a disturbing film. It's effective enough on narrative terms, but Joe Louis Clark is portrayed as an asshole. His ideas about supervising teachers are so clearly wrong-headed as to be insulting. That would be one thing if the film was in any way historically accurate, but it's not. Anyone who wants to bleat that "you can't argue with his results" should know that, in fact, you can argue with his results, and many people do. This film was…

  • DamNation



    I loved this documentary. It loses half a star for its talking points, which are spot-on for many issues, but misfire on two topics.

    In terms of my enjoyment of it, it would be five stars. It's got 1) excruciatingly unpleasant wilderness adventure sports, 2) horrible disasters, 3) monkeywrenching, 4) Native American politics, and 5) corporate and government corruption.

    Where "DamNation" blows it a little bit in two important places that relate to its educational and activist agenda.

    The first…