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  • Alice Sweet Alice

    Alice Sweet Alice

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Horror films are melodramas. They're specifically about emotions, and being unable to control them. They're about emotions that spiral out of control and become desirous, and thereby, human instincts take over.

    Catholicism is about control of said emotions through guilt. Through penance and punishment. You have no control over your infallible humanity, the original sin that you were born into. All you can do is pray your Hail Mary's and hope that the host redeems you. Alice Sweet Alice was…

  • Coherence


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Raises infinite questions about personhood and identity; about past mistakes, and the future selves we'd like to meet. There's a strange narcissism to the concept that we'd like the become the best selves we can be, but how often do we really reach that space? Changes that we need to undergo are difficult. They occasionally require a fracturing of self. Death and rebirth, death and rebirth.

    What makes us us is the past selves. It's not the new versions, but…

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  • Repentance


    Me: Dammit, I'm falling asleep but I have to finish the Georgian movie that I've wanted to see for years before it leaves MUBI.

    You (dumb): Why didn't you watch it like a month ago when it popped up on the site.

    Me (an intellectual): Because the only way to watch things on MUBI is to do so last minute, everyone knows that.

  • Häxan


    Cinema as the gleeful debauchry of the mind’s eye. Delightfully weird.