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  • A Man Escaped

    A Man Escaped


    A significant leap forward from Diary of a Country Priest in terms of Bresson achieving an anti-psychological style. That film often featured extended close-ups concentrated on the titular priest while he reacts to the outside world. Even if the priest's face was mostly blank in a way typical of Bresson's models, the face reacting to the world around him was still our primary way of engaging with the film and the character. Here, Bresson is just as focused on concrete…

  • Diary of a Country Priest

    Diary of a Country Priest


    Beyond being the first clear exploration of Bresson's career long interest in the inner torment of religious salvation, it's also a major transitional work between Bresson's more classical early style and the singular later style. Much of the film is organized around extended voiceovers or conversations that would feel fairly conventional in structure if not for the ways that Bresson focuses attention on the priest's face in arrestingly prolonged long takes. The main stylistic motif in the movie is a…

Popular reviews

  • The Crowd

    The Crowd


    This isn't always a particularly subtle movie, but the way that in ingrains a critique of capitalist ideology within a relationship drama is uniquely devastating. The repeat appearance of an advertisement clown is a good indicator of the film's sense of unsubtle but potent irony. The first time we see this figure is on the central couple's first date as they ride on a streetcar above the masses and laugh at the poor man below who they see as clearly…

  • Bad Education

    Bad Education


    After his equally morally probing debut Thoroughbreds, Finley is able to find tragedy in both a lapse in integrity as well as the knowing complicity surrounding it. The film details the many reasons why the people surrounding the superintendents failed to report their crimes: a misguided trust in their years of experience and friendship, a concern for health of the organization and the community it serves, and a selfish concern for their own wellbeing. This film's greatest accomplishment is that…