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  • The Game

    The Game


    One of the recurring narrative structures in Fincher's films is someone fumbling trying to escape a master designer's elaborate plan. This can be seen in the cops solving the murder case in Se7en all the way through the framing for murder plot of Gone Girl. Even in Fight Club, the lead character scrambles to navigate the world created by his own alter-ego. Here, this game explicitly resembles conventional mainstream thrillers (an omniscient and omnipotent corporation, a femme fatale, masked and…

  • The Trial of Joan of Arc

    The Trial of Joan of Arc


    In contrast to the expressionistic intensity of Dreyer's film, this strips all the emotions away in order to emphasize the text of the trial. As a result, this is far more driven by dialogue than Bresson's surrounding work and is a bit less captivating for it. That said, the intention behind the film is clear: by blankly recounting the historical ledger, our attention is directed more inward to Joan's mysterious spiritual core. She's often viewed and judged through a voyeuristic…

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  • The Crowd

    The Crowd


    This isn't always a particularly subtle movie, but the way that in ingrains a critique of capitalist ideology within a relationship drama is uniquely devastating. The repeat appearance of an advertisement clown is a good indicator of the film's sense of unsubtle but potent irony. The first time we see this figure is on the central couple's first date as they ride on a streetcar above the masses and laugh at the poor man below who they see as clearly…

  • Bad Education

    Bad Education


    After his equally morally probing debut Thoroughbreds, Finley is able to find tragedy in both a lapse in integrity as well as the knowing complicity surrounding it. The film details the many reasons why the people surrounding the superintendents failed to report their crimes: a misguided trust in their years of experience and friendship, a concern for health of the organization and the community it serves, and a selfish concern for their own wellbeing. This film's greatest accomplishment is that…