2001: A Space Odyssey

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For my last film of 2020, I chose one of the all-time greats.

“2001: A Space Odyssey” is one of the most ambitious, enthralling, awe-inspiring, intellectually stimulating, and technically brilliant films ever made. It´s trippy, abstract, and enigmatic and can be interpreted in countless different ways, but it´s not really meant to be understood, it´s meant to be experienced. It speaks directly to your subconsciousness and lingers in your mind long after it has ended.

“2001” is maybe the greatest marriage of image and sound ever put to screen. The film is full of moments of breathtaking beauty and everything feels grand, majestic, and larger than life. How was this possible in the 60s? You could release it today and its cinematography, production design, and special effects would still win awards. That´s why I find the “Stanley Kubrick faked the moon landing” conspiracy theories so funny. Bitch, if Kubrick really faked the moon landing, it would have looked much better than it did.

I don´t know how Kubrick convinced his producers to finance this project. I mean, it starts with 20 minutes of apes grunting and ends with a giant baby hovering over earth. I´m just so glad that this film was made, because we probably won´t see something like it again. Only Kubrick´s visionary artistic brilliance and his compulsive strive for perfection made it possible.

“2001” pushed the boundaries of the medium and made several generations of audiences realize “Wow, movies can actually do that”. It´s a landmark film, which influence can still be felt today. It probably never will be fully understood but it will always be celebrated as one of cinema´s greatest achievements.

Watching “2001” at the cinema remains one of my great dreams as a cinephile.

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