Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★½

Yep, I understand the criticism, but I had fun with “Kong: Skull Island”. I expected a dumb but entertaining monster adventure/action movie, and this is exactly what I got. I like the visuals, the monster design, the island setting and worldbuilding, the Vietnam war movie vibe (though you can´t take it too seriously), and the action sequences. King Kong looks great and it is damn enjoyable to watch him destroy army helicopters or take on other monsters. Sure, the plot is rather weak, the characters aren´t fleshed out, and the great cast feels kind of wasted, but I still cared more for these characters than for the characters from “Godzilla (2014)”, for example. You won´t see mind-blowing storytelling or acting performances in this film, but if you look for a fun monster movie for a lazy afternoon, you should check it out. I had a great time.

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