Pan's Labyrinth

Pan's Labyrinth ★★★★

“Pan´s Labyrinth” is a fascinating mix of fantasy and war drama. It reminded me a bit of a Studio Ghibli movie (which is always a good thing) with its young girl protagonist, the fantastical worlds and creatures (del Toro loves his monsters), the deep philosophical themes, and the celebration of a child´s imagination and curiosity. It is much more violent and bloody than the average Ghibli movie, though. Definitely not for young children.
Above all, “Pan´s Labyrinth” looks beautiful. Set design, costumes, monster design, and cinematography are all stunning. The soundtrack is beautiful, too. It is one of those movies that sucks you right into its world. Del Toro combines the two storylines (reality and fantasy) brilliantly and succeeds in telling a story that is aesthetically pleasing, emotionally moving and thought-provoking. The actors also did a great job.
All in all, I enjoyed the fantasy aspects more than the war drama. I also think that the movie is a bit longer than necessary. Some scenes I would have cut. And some of the CGI is not up to date anymore. Nevertheless, “Pan´s Labyrinth” is a truly magical movie that you should definitely check out.

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