Parasite ★★★★½

The hype is deserved. In my opinion, “Parasite” is Bong Joon-ho´s greatest films so far and one of the best movies of the year. The less you know about it, the bigger is the impact, so I won´t tell you much about the story. What I can tell you is that “Parasite” is a moving, entertaining, and thought-provoking tale about class differences, family, morality, and survival, and that it is full of twists, turns, and tonal shifts, mixes many genres, and makes you feel every emotion imaginable. It basically is a mixture of a Park Chan-wook mystery thriller, a Hirokazu Kore-eda family drama, and Bong Joon-ho´s trademark humor and social commentary.

The whole film looks beautiful and has breathtaking cinematography, stunning sets, and tight editing, resulting in a great pacing. The screenplay is intelligent and engaging and Joon-ho´s direction is even more masterful than ever. He seems to be in total control of every aspect of his movie.

The biggest strength of the film are the characters. All of them are complex, layered, and fascinating. They are quirky, likable and have great chemistry with each other and although they also do several morally questionable things, you always see where they are coming from. You quickly become very emotionally invested in them, which makes the ending so impactful. The acting is fantastic as well and it is hard to name a standout, although I would choose Park So-dam, who plays the daughter of the main family

“Parasite” deserves all the praise it got. It is an exciting and powerful cinematic experience and I hope that it will be recognized during the coming award season. You should definitely watch it but be prepared to think about this film for a while.

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