Parasite ★★★★½

First review:

After my first rewatch, I love this film even more than before. Everything just fits together perfectly. “Parasite” is original, unique, and unpredictable. The most impressive aspect of the film is how smoothly it repeatedly switches between different genres and tones. Some parts are hilarious, others are exciting, suspenseful, dramatic, disturbing, shocking, or sad, and no scene feels out of place.

“Parasite” is a masterfully crafted work of art. It has a flawless pacing, fantastic score, brilliant editing, and absolutely stunning cinematography, shot composition, and production design. But the film is not only extremely stylish, it also has a lot of substance that comes in form of its profound dialogue and thought-provoking thematic subtext and social commentary. Bong Joon-ho often explores political themes in his films (“Snowpiercer”, “Okja”, “The Host”) but “Parasite” has the subtlety, nuance, and depth I was missing in most of his earlier films.

Heart and soul of the film are the unforgettable characters, who are all layered, flawed, and believable. There are no real heroes and no real villains in this story. Nobody has evil intentions and still the film is full of morally questionable actions, which lead to tragic consequences. You see where everyone is coming from and you root for them all. The emotional investment is definitely very high. The ensemble cast is phenomenal, and everyone brings their A game. My personal favorite is Park So-dam, but they are all fantastic.

Long story short, “Parasite” is one of the best films of the year and everyone should see it. It also is the perfect film to introduce someone to Korean cinema.

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