Raiders of the Lost Ark

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First review:

There isn´t much I could add to my first review. “Raiders of the Lost Arc” is THE adventure movie and the pinnacle of escapist blockbuster entertainment. It really has everything you would want from a film like this: mystery, wonder, humor, action, suspense, romance, fantasy, and adventure. “Temple of Doom” is darker, “The Last Crusade” is funnier, “Raiders” is the perfect mix.

The whole film is a succession of iconic set pieces, images, and quotes, but nothing is more iconic than the protagonist himself. Harrison Ford´s magnetic screen presence and roguish charm are at their peaks here and his Indiana Jones is one of cinema´s most legendary heroes. An intellectual adventurer, who has no problems with getting his hands dirty. His tough and snappy love interest Marion (Karen Allen) is also a great character and their banter is highly entertaining. And everyone likes seeing Nazis getting their asses kicked. But the films greatest supporting character is John Williams´ score, which elevates every scene.

“Raiders of the Lost Arc” is an epic, fun, and energetic high stakes action adventure film that sucks me right into its world and captivates me from beginning to end. It´s brilliantly crafted and there isn´t a single dull moment. Like I said in my first review, it´s the kind of film that makes me remember why I love cinema so much.

Of course, I could write paragraph over paragraph about this film, but I don´t think that´s necessary. I mean, it´s “Raiders of the Lost Arc”. Everyone knows that it´s fantastic. It´s the benchmark for the whole genre.

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