Room ★★★½

I realized that the only movie with Brie Larson I have seen so far was “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World”. So, as a preparation for “Captain Marvel” I decided to see her most critically acclaimed film, which is Lenny Abrahamson´s drama “Room”. In this movie, Larson plays a young woman, who was kidnapped as a teenager and who has been imprisoned in a garden shed ever since. She gives birth to a son in captivity, who is 5 years old, when the movie starts, and has never seen the outside world. The film focuses on this mother/son relationship and I don´t want to say more about the plot.
In my opinion, the biggest strengths of the movie are the terrifying premise, the claustrophobic and depressing atmosphere the film creates, and, above all, the acting performances. Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay (who was seven while shooting the film) are spectacular, totally believable, and have a great mother/son chemistry. All the praise and awards for them are deserved. They carry the whole movie with ease and it is a pleasure to watch them act. I also love how thoughtful the film handles its central themes, such as isolation, hope, dependency, family, love, imagination, and freedom.
The plot is divided into two parts and while the second part certainly has several beautiful and very emotional scenes, it is also the part, where the movie loses its focus a bit and becomes sometimes repetitive and dragging. I also found some plot points a bit hard to believe and while the movie is without a doubt well crafted, no aspect of filmmaking (directing, cinematography, editing, so on) apart from the acting really stood out in my opinion. I just think that the premise had more potential.
To conclude, “Room” is an emotional movie with both heartbreaking and heartwarming scenes, but it didn´t blow me away as much as I hoped. The acting was fantastic, though, and I definitely want to see more of Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay.

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