Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★

Stories about losing one or several of your senses are very scary to me, because that´s one of my greatest fears.

“Sound of Metal” follows the drummer Ruben, who begins to lose his hearing, and depicts in a calm, unflashy, and sensitive way, how he learns to deal with this new situation. The film is authentic, captivating, and moving. It´s intimate atmosphere, quiet power, and strong sense of realism make it an engrossing and impactful experience.

The two standout aspects of the film are Rhiz Ahmed´s phenomenal lead performance and the sound design. Ahmed is already gaining some Oscar buzz and that´s well-deserved. His performance is natural, believable, emotive, and deeply human. He carries the film with ease and powerfully portrays his character´s anger, fear, desperation, and hope. The sound design further helps you to empathize with Ruben and his struggles. Furthermore, Olivia Cooke and Paul Raci deliver strong supporting performances.

The film has no shocking plot developments or exciting standout moments. It´s grounded, realistic, and personal, and that´s what makes it so resonating. “Sound of Metal” is an empathetic, profound, and true to life tale about change, acceptance, and moving on, and it will linger in my mind for a while.

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