Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again ★★★★★

For a class I’m taking on the history of American cinema (I’m a history major, but I’ll take whatever opportunity I can to intersect that with my love of movies), on Tuesday students have the option to present to the class their favorite romantic comedy and why it’s their favorite, and whoever has the best presentation does not have to write the long essay that’s due on Thursday (oh boy i need that). So here’s a rough sketch of what I’m planning to put in front of thirty or so strangers. (It’ll be fleshed our more later)

5 Reasons Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again is my Favorite Romantic Comedy in the History of American Cinema

1. Lily James! Every heterosexual romantic comedy needs an infectious lead woman, and Lily James in this is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, both inside and out. Her voice sounds like a sunset and she travels around Europe in this while glowing in sunshine and quipping cute lines and loving her friends and flirting with cute boys.

2. Not one male lead, but six! Have you ever watched a romantic comedy and just not been attracted at all to one of the leads, and now you have to force yourself to care about someone with the face and personality of a thumb? Well now you’ve got six entire men to choose from! (then i go into detail about the possible attractiveness of each man. the colin firth slide on the powerpoint will slap so hard)

3. Music! Not only is this a romantic comedy, which is already an escapist genre that provides joy, but it’s also a musical! More fun! And not just any music, but ABBA! (I talk about abba a little bit and how benny and bjorn were involved and have cameos)

4. Settings! Donna travels through Paris and Greece, and Sophie is in Greece. Both are beautiful and *cheesy rom com trope* just as much a character as the characters. And Donna’s part takes place in 1979, so everyone wears costumes I aspire to wear in my daily life. (Sophie’s time appears to be somewhat ambiguous. She’s born nine months after August 1979, which puts her in May 1980. When Cher appears, she says she decided it’s time for her to start being a grandmother, to which Sophie says something about Cher taking 25 years to do that, which I think means Sophie is 25, putting this in 2005. But they use iPhones, an invention released in 2008 (and they appear to be recent models)) (just fact checked this on a wiki and i’m right??? help it doesn’t add up)

5: Joy! It’s fun! Sit back and watch Amanda Seyfried and Lily James and cute boys and Colin Firth and Pierce Brosnan run around in the mediterranean sun, draped in blues and yellows, singing fuckin Dancing Queen and Waterloo! Holy shit! [link to the onion’s review of this movie because that video has become my tallest pillar of how to approach film watching]

pray for me so i do a success with this presentation

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