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  • True Lies

    True Lies


    I don't remember who let me watch this when I was 12, but they probably shouldn't have let me do that.

  • National Theatre Live: Frankenstein

    National Theatre Live: Frankenstein


    Riveting performances, this must have been a wonderful experience live.

    I was not a big fan of some of the changes from the novel that, in my view, significantly change The Creature's character. But to make up for that there are so many hauntingly executed moments that make this an excellent reinterpretation of the novel.

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  • Hot Rod

    Hot Rod


    Cool beans.

  • Heist



    I'm already very fond of heist movies. A heist movie with the gumption to call itself "Heist" is a treat. A heist movie that calls itself "Heist" *and* has Ricky Jay is like catnip for me.