Journey to Italy ★★★★

Journey to Italy is the fourth film Roberto Rossellini made with Ingrid Bergman, if we include the short film in Siamo donne. Like Europe '51 it deals with life in face of death but unlike Europe '51 where the protagonist becomes a saint, these people become monsters. Death creates fear and suddenly this British couple on their trip to Italy become aware of the fact that time is precious and they start to question if they should be "wasting" their life on each other.

Many have called Journey to Italy the first modern film. It is obvious that Michelangelo Antonioni owes a lot to this film. L'Avventura (1960), La Notte (1961) and L'Eclisse (1962) have a lot in common with Journey to Italy. The difference is that Antonioni is way more pessimistic than Rossellini is in this film.

Journey to Italy flopped, probably because it was way to revolutionary. The naked empty feeling, both visually and emotionally was unseen and probably easily mistaken for lack of talent. I feel so sorry for Bergman and Rossellini. Here they are, creating masterpiece after masterpiece and almost no one is interested. In fact their carrier is in tatters. Still they went on and made even two more films before their cooperation and marriage was over.