The Tribe

The Tribe ★★★½

I liked the idea of showing us the world of deaf teenagers and now translating anything. Letting us figure it out through their body language.

My main problem with this film is the style. It is mostly long takes and often the camera does not move or moves very little. It did not help me to get into the world of these kids. I doubt this is how they watch each other. They are focused on hands and face expressions. Why not use that in the film language?

Another thing I did not care for. We hear the environmental sound around them, something these kids don't hear. Why not cut that out and let us experience the silence with these kids?

The style constantly reminded me that I was watching deaf teenagers. Never was I given a change to enter their world without being reminded of this fact. What is the point of not translating what they are saying when we are denied entrance? The style turned me into a peeping Tom. It alienated me.

Still an interesting experiment and in many ways well done. The acting is sometimes only so so, and there cuts and closeups in stead of long master shots would have helped a lot. So if you are in mood for something different then this might be your cup of tee. Not that the story is anything new. Just the costume it is presented in.

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