Vox Lux

Vox Lux ★★★★

I’ll admit that I might have rated this lower if it weren’t for Natalie Portman’s absolutely insane, bombastic, tour-de-force performance. I can honestly say that I would have loved to watch another 3 hours of her in this role, which encompasses so much pain and resilience and fire in every line and interaction. 

On the flip side, I may have rated this higher if Brady Corbet had explored all of his intriguing themes a little more. I love the idea of deconstructing the media machine that not only grooms young girls until they’re a shell of their former selves, but sensationalizes acts of unspeakable terror just as much as they sensationalize the private lives of these girls and women. Unfortunately these ideas aren’t given quite the examination they deserve, but I still really enjoyed coming up with my own analysis and witnessing this whole story.

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