Midsommar ★★★★½

"This high my fire. No higher, no hotter."

Ari Aster teams up once again with A24 to bring us on another innately bizarre excursion into cabalistic territory. Hereditary's Pawel Pogorzelski and Lucien Johnston return as cinematographer and editor, respectively, and have somehow managed to top themselves in shaping an eerie atmosphere of topsy-turvy disorientation. The tone is set further by Bobby Krlic's impending score. I must be growing desensitized to dark stories such as this one, because I found myself anxiously anticipating the plot progression with giddy delight. There are certainly shocking and disturbing moments in abundance here, but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and could not for a second look away.

The film spends a lot of time getting to know its' characters, and they are all brilliantly brought to life by the cast. Florence Pugh in particular displays tremendous depth as the lead. As the viewer, you're able to go through the stages of discovery with the characters, moving from relaxed curiosity to looming dread. Aster doesn't restrict himself by leading you on a leash, instead allowing for more organic deduction, making Midsommar a thrilling, albeit ominous and gruesome, adventure.

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