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  • Fulltime Killer

    Fulltime Killer


    It’s pretty cool how you can rediscover a film after years of not even thinking about it and see it with totally different eyes.
    When I first saw Fulltime Killer over a decade ago I didn’t really think that much of it. It was pretty cool and all, but it left no enduring impression and I basically kind of forgot about it. So you can imagine I wasn’t expecting that much when pressing play on this again today. But damn,…

  • The Octagon

    The Octagon


    I can remember being quite bored when watching this many years ago, but now I found it a way more entertaining and quite delightful product of a time when the ninja craze took over the Hollywood B-movie circuit. 
    It’s the start of the 80s and prime Chuck Norris fights a cult of killer-ninjas. The whispering and echoing inner monologue is slightly annoying but the action is satisfactory and I liked the film’s overall vibe. Some things do indeed seem to get better with age.

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  • Road House

    Road House


    They don’t make em like this anymore. Swayze is perfect in the role and so damn cool; one of my favorite characters ever.
    The scene where he explains his rules is one of the highlights and defining moments of macho cinema. I simply love this film.

  • Before Sunrise

    Before Sunrise


    Had to rewatch this after seeing Before Sunset earlier today because my mind wouldn’t let me think about anything else.