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  • The Critic

    The Critic


    "Could this be the sex life of two things?"

    Mainly logging this as a diary entry to remind myself to send the YouTube link to my dad first thing tomorrow because this is Extremely His Shit.

  • Wittgenstein



    That green alien must have flown in on a flying Saussure.

    *is immediately hoisted onto the shoulders of the entire Letterboxd community and led on an extravagant parade down the street set to a boisterous marching band rendition of "Breakfast at Tiffany's" which ends at the edge of a pier, where I am promptly cast into the sea forever*

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  • Rope



    We only ever see the "S" on that huge blinking neon sign outside but I'm pretty sure the rest of it reads "-U-B-T-E-X-T."

  • Stalker



    Like The Wizard of Oz but with existential dread instead of flying monkeys. Still not sure which is more terrifying.