Tammy and the Bachelor

Tammy and the Bachelor ★★½

Honestly this isn't a very good movie. But the title song kicks ass (despite shamefully rhyming "warm" with "warm"), and it's pretty entertaining to watch a young Leslie Nielsen stumble his way through playing an earnest romantic lead like a fish trying to climb a tree.

And it goes without saying that Debbie Reynolds is amazing, turning her title character from the condescending classist caricature she could have been (and admittedly still kind of is) into a character who's sneakily much savvier and less naive than she lets on.

Also the movie randomly and unintentionally features a sudden stomach-turning glimpse into the dark heart of American evil in the form of one of the most blithe and guileless depictions of devastating, dignity-shattering racism I've ever seen in a movie, so that's, uh...something.