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  • End


    Oh my god this is so much better than Wes Anderson's train thing.

  • Rat Life and Diet in North America

    Rat Life and Diet in North America

    Hell yeah, little guys. Eat the flag, freak out some squares, scurry to freedom in CANADA, start ORGANIC GARDENING. Oh no, little guys, don't get so into your ORGANIC GARDENING in CANADA that you lose sight of your revolutionary praxis!

    A delightfully sardonic allegory that starts out on the somewhat discouraging level of "we're like rats in a cage, man" obviousness only to suddenly and hilariously dart off in a much stranger direction. Also I know I say this a lot but this movie is Guy Maddin af.

  • Cat Food

    Cat Food

    Like "The Act of Seeing With One's Own Eyes" but for fish.

  • Gloria!


    Frampton('s grandma) Comes Alive!

    Surprisingly, even adorably sentimental without losing any of that great paradoxical mixture of science-experiment rigor and avant-garde playfulness which marks Frampton's usual work. Turns out that underneath all the math problems and mind games H. Framps is a big 'ole softie at heart.

  • A Movie

    A Movie

    This is probably the most despair-inducing episode of America's Funniest Home Videos I've ever seen, though not by as much as you might think.

  • Lot in Sodom

    Lot in Sodom

    Welp, that's just about the fastest anyone's become one of my favorite filmmakers. Watson and Webber, way to go guys, you've done it in three shorts.

    Their work in general but this movie in particular are really the Guy Maddin ur-text, aren't they.

  • Tomatos Another Day

    Tomatos Another Day

    This is seriously making me reevaluate a lot of what I thought I knew about the nature and history of humor. I had no idea my great-grandparents' generation had something like this in them. I'm so delighted and weirdly proud.

  • colormans


    I don't feel sufficiently reassured that no colormans were harmed in the making of this film.

  • Ghosts Before Breakfast

    Ghosts Before Breakfast

    This weirdly has one of the sadder endings of anything I've seen lately.

  • Lemon


    Good god, Lemon!

  • The Act of Seeing with One's Own Eyes

    The Act of Seeing with One's Own Eyes

    I suppose everyone who's seen this can point to one stomach-sinking moment in particular where what they were actually watching finally, suddenly clicked into place, one specific image that will remain firmly lodged in their brain forever (or rather not forever at all, as that image will doubtless pop up every now and again to annoyingly insist). For me, it's the shot right after they remove a man's brain and we briefly get a head-on view right inside his now-empty…