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  • Surrender


    Closed-eye vision for the information age.

    But while Stan the Man sought to free perception from the modern onslaught of words and signs by returning to the purity of preverbal imagination, contemporary video artists like Kopko seem to posit that such a return is no longer possible for us (if it ever was to begin with). In a era where the average mind's eye is so constantly and pervasively colonized by outside transmissions, where image and reality have become so…

  • Amulet of Love

    Amulet of Love

    Out of all the musical short films written, directed, produced by and starring a former Flavor of Love contestant, this one is probably my favorite.

  • Hotel Monterey

    Hotel Monterey

    Turns out precise spatial orientation can be just as uncanny as hyperkinetic abstraction. Brakhage is shook.

  • Twice a Man

    Twice a Man

    I don't think I've ever seen another filmmaker use this kind of split-second interpolative editing the way Markopoulos does. It's not quite toggling rapidly between images to create a strobing effect like you often see in other experimental films, nor is it specifically a method of visually representing subliminal thought like you sometimes see in narrative films. Instead, the flashing images have a sort of palimpsest effect, imprinting traces of themselves onto the purposefully aligned blank spaces of the images…