Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★

The high for Zack Snyder’s work has been higher than ever. After the recent revival of his take on Justice League, many fans have been invigorated to see what he does next (or just more so invigorated to see him do more DC Universe related work, despite him on multiple times seeming like he’s ready to move on). And what better way to step out of the superhero to go back to the zombie genre that kicked off his filmmaking career.

All different types of zombies have taken over the infamous Las Vegas strip. A well respected mercenary Scott (Dave Bautista) was hired by a business man to crack a vault of $200 million untraceable money. When he brings together his trusted team, they quickly find out that not only zombies are not the only thing that could make this mission a deadly one.

In comparison to Zack Snyder’s other work, Army of the Dead is probably his most accessible work in some years. It’s the brawny “shoot the zombies up” kind of movie that the trailers and advertisements built it up to be, just a little more “Snyder’y”. The movie is mostly shot in a super soft depth of field, even to the point that some shots linger a little out of focus more than they need to be, so that may turn off some people. But the movie has its share of fun “fight for your life” moments, even to the point, there was one character I was really rooting to make it out.

While the movie of course has its characters it focuses on more than others, I wished there was 2 or 3 less characters that went into the fray. Mostly since by the end of the movie, some characters weren’t given enough to do and could allow for more time for the film to let some characters stand out better. At a whopping 148 minutes, I didn’t hate the runtime as much as some, but a 10 minute trimming could pick up the pace and energy in the first hour.

Army of the Dead is very much that action blockbuster movie you would see in the theaters in the middle of summer so this is perfectly timed. The script isn’t anything to sing the praises for, the characters I wish had more staying power and the beats are pretty familiar, but there’s enough fun pieces to make this slightly bloated zombie run pretty worthwhile.

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