My Neighbor Totoro ★★★★½

i’ve been in a sort of agressively binging studio ghibli mood because i wanted to watch all the other studio ghiblies that i didn’t get to watch as a kid.
this movie. my neighbor totoro is not a movie that i expected to tug at my heartstrings, sure, i knew i was going to love it, but not as much as i did. the opening scene was of satsuki and mei in their father’s car with him driving. that in itself was so beautiful. another thing hayao miyazaki does really well that i didn’t notice when i was a kid, but notice now as someone who just started looking at things with a bit of a more critical eye is how hayao miyazaki makes you love, trust and bask in nature. his movies lets you see the beauty in it with all its calmness and chaoticness. maybe that’s why a lot of people recommend studio ghibli as a pick-me-up because it will pick you up and you will feel so happy after watching even just one movie.
oh god before you think this is going to be a long, pedantic etc etc review of my feelings think again!!!!!!!!! THE CAT BUS I WANT TO LIVE IN IT OH MY GOD OH MY GOD. do i want to go somewhere with the cat bus.
i think i talked with a friend before finally deciding to write this review and they said this (somewhat along those lines):

it’s like eating a comfort food you really used to like in your childhood. it makes you want to explore a forest and find a big tree and meet the forest god who is a bear but not really.

so, after i went off on that rant, this movie definitely got close to my heartstrings. i will probably put it on in the background while i’m doing something else in the foreseeable future. because running gets close to me i love the moments when satsuki just ran, even though they were so critical.
yeah, another ghibli that i found comfort in. i guess i’ll look forward to the next one!!!!!!

fun fact before i go: i’ve started listening to this podcast ghibliotheque i think it’s called who basically has an episode for studio ghibli movie. it was very cool listening to their ep on totoro while typing this out.

try laughing. then whatever scares you will go away.