Whisper of the Heart ★★★★★

i watched this a few weeks ago but i didn’t have anything coherent to say at the time. i didn’t watch but a few studio ghibli films, but this has to my favorite, so far at least. when i watched it for the first time, i felt so calm and at peace. i said this to a few of my friends before but it’s like sitting on the balcony eating one of your favorite cakes that grandma used to do holding a hot cup of tea in your left hand. it’s all so comforting. i’m so glad i watched it. somehow, i feel like i look at life with a better lense because of this movie. i get the feeling that it is going to be one of those that i put on the background while i’m doing a chore because i love it that much.

also. the song country road is stuck in my head.

once you’ve found your gems, you have to polish them.