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  • A Quiet Place

    A Quiet Place



    A Quiet Place is pretty darn fresh. Anytime a horror movie can do something I’ve never really seen before, I like it. I’m not typically a big fan of monsters in my horror but these were surprisingly pretty creepy. The CGI was just about as good as it gets which is something else I can be picky about. It’s also very well acted and directed and I just appreciated the overall serious tone it had. The ending was also perfect for me. John Krasinki deserves a lot of props for this one.

  • Sometimes They Come Back

    Sometimes They Come Back



    Well this certainly felt like a TV movie (I know it is so I guess that makes sense) It’s about as tame of a horror movie as you could get. There aren’t really any memorable kills and there’s zero gore. I will say the makeup effects on the greasers were pretty damn good though. Tim Matheson & Robert Rusler save this movie for me. Without them, this would be just be another slightly below average Stephen King adaptation. Whew and that cheesy cringeworthy ending didn’t do the movie any favors either.

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  • Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence

    Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence


    Maniac Cop 3 was a definite step down from the 2nd. Not totally sure what the fuck was going on here- Matt Cordell is brought back by some kinda weird voodoo shit and decides he wants to help defend another cop who was wrongly accused (either that or he wants her soul or something?? Not totally sure to be honest) the story is messy but the movie does have more awesome car chases and another badass fire stunt.

  • Maniac Cop 2

    Maniac Cop 2



    I have such a great time with the trashy sleeze fest known as Maniac Cop 2. What it lacks in the originals grittiness, it more than makes up for with sleeze and even though I think the original is a better made film, I have more fun with the sequel. The stunts is this film are batshit crazy and I dunno how Lustig found the lunatics to pull them off. I lost count of how many times someone was thrown through a window.