• Mommie Dearest

    Mommie Dearest


    Not as excessive as its infamy suggests, this one seems quite respectful of Tina's complex perception of her own mother and their growing relationship, a binary that shapes the progression. Diana Scarwid is good, but little Mara Hobel is exceptional and matches Faye Dunaway's intensity.

  • Predator


    Apparently this is a slow movie by today's Marvel-bullshit standards.

  • High and Low

    High and Low


    Always forceful and striking, Kurosawa integrates his love of theatrical morality plays (Gondo's house) with the streetwise flair his younger countrymen were exploring in those years.

  • The Mysterious Lady

    The Mysterious Lady

    The story is hard to take, but what artistry and fluidity! All at the service of a moving romanticism.

  • Wild Rovers

    Wild Rovers

    Not quite the great film I remembered, but pretty solid (if a bit too Peckinpah'ed) mix of comedic and elegiac sensibilities.

  • Spider-Man: Far From Home

    Spider-Man: Far From Home

    The best of this bunch, it is actually interesting in its choice of antagonist, devices and motives. The teen comedy aspect is mostly endearing, too. Still, as in all MCU films, everything looks fake as fuck and prays at the altar of military might.

  • On the Town

    On the Town

    Compared to Singin' in the Rain, this one doesn't match it in rhythmic propulsion, but surpasses it in lusty women.

  • The Terminator

    The Terminator


    I had never grasped the time-traversed love correspondence. I was moved. Otherwise, still a clever updating of the action flick (Cameron's militarist mindset and all).

  • Kanal



    Their fates are sealed early on. All we get to do is appreciate their humanity in strength, weakness, and love. Daisy and Jacek probably are my favorite cinema couple.

  • Citizen Kane

    Citizen Kane


    Within the visual and rhythmic splendor, the dialogues dig deep and anchor the film in longing, irony, and loss. The final shot hit me hard this time.

  • Mr. Arkadin

    Mr. Arkadin


    I found Robert Arden's uncharismatic handsomeness and inexpressive eyes quite adequate for the role... and even appealing. Love the marriage of humor and grandiloquence. (Criterion version.)

  • Cookie's Fortune

    Cookie's Fortune

    Benign tale of good-natured southerners coexisting with zooms, pans, and fish. Maybe too benign.