The Imitation Game

As we live in today's society that is so detached from history, there is just nothing more despicable and dangerous than fabricating historical events to cater your awful screenplay. I am sure some productive individual has made a comprehensive list of these historical inaccuracies but to me it was clear this was a work of pure fiction from the beginning.

I don't know what the hell the production team was thinking (not much probably) because there is just so many of this revisionist fantasy cropping up all the time. By the time Benedict Cumberbotch implied that their team had an effect on the outcome of Stalingrad I wondered whether the filmmakers had just given up. I guess they had to show that snippet of footage everyone has seen like a million times. Thankfully, they got the most important part right, about Brits breaking the Enigma code. Oh wait, Polish judenagents broke the code in 1932 and later gave the results to the Brits. Whoops.

Besides these fuck-ups they also completely hacked the character of Turing. I mean, the real Turing was such an interesting guy to begin with, why was there a need to write him into this cliched and soulless cardboard cutout? I actually liked Benedict Cumbersome's acting, but unfortunately it too was made trite by the heavy-handed screenplay.

But the biggest problem of this film, the not-so-subtly hidden socio-political agenda, brings this film crashing down just like Junkers Ju 87 brings down its deadly 250 kg payload. I really was tricked into believing this movie was about Enigma and codebreaking. Instead of showing the real mastermind Turing, the movie was hell bent on showing just a dysfunctional homosexual fight the n-n-nazis.

Instead of showing the legendary Bombe, we were shown some sappy monstrosity called Christopher. Instead of a no-nonsense movie about WW2 codebreaking, we get gay rights propaganda shoved down our throats. I find all this very appalling because now we'll probably never get a honest movie about Bletchley Park. Now it got a comical Hollywood treatment. With extremely cringeworthy epilogue.

I could probably go on about the ridiculous CGI Blitz & Panzer IV's, numerous genre cliches, nonexistent soundtrack or the film's surgical disregard of important figures like Flowers but I'll pass at the risk of getting an ulcer.

Sure wish now that I could have spent the two hours doing something worthwhile, like listening to King Crimson or reading Mein Kampf.

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