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  • Apollo 13

    Apollo 13


    Ex Luna, scientia. From the Moon, knowledge.
    Imagine if Christopher Columbus had come back from the New World and no one returned in his footsteps.
    A successful failure. Survival and dreams unfulfilled. Apollo 13 was probably the best thing to ever happen to NASA. It showed the talent that NASA people had, in mission control and throughout the organization, that turned an almost complete catastrophe into a successful recovery.
    Failure was never an option.

  • Footprints On The Moon

    Footprints On The Moon


    Can you believe it?
    We lose heroes from the space age and the temptation is to eulogize an era, not a person. Neil Armstrong’s death does not signify the dwindling hopes of a different America.

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  • Blade Runner 2049

    Blade Runner 2049


    Love or mathematical precision?
    Authentic memories or real human responses?
    Sometimes to love someone, you got to be a stranger.
    Unforgettable experience.
    If you are a true film lover, watch Blade Runner 2049 in a movie theater.

  • First Man

    First Man


    The shadow and the dust of a large-scale dream bringing it to human-size.
    The vast emptiness of the moon surface, where asteroid impacts fill the landscape, resembles the massive craters life makes you walk with. Standing alone by Karen's crater works as a redeemer for Neil's pain.
    Neil it’s not some historical figure, it’s a human being. Making human a man.