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  • The Life and Passion of Jesus Christ

    The Life and Passion of Jesus Christ


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    A nice showcase for early film techniques, The Life And Passion Of Jesus Christ stands as an impressive feat of filmmaking for its time giving audiences a first example of long term storytelling in movies. Despite this, as is the case with most films of this era, it lacks some entertainment value and the result is ultimately an average one.

  • West Side Story

    West Side Story


    Community Scavenger Hunt #55 - October 2019

    Impeccably shot and wonderfully choreographed, West Side Story is a musical triumph of Classic Hollywood. I can say I was reasonably engaged by the Shakesperian tragic story that unfolded and some numbers really were to my liking (America is awesome). All in all the movie is quite impressive in its technical aspects and I quite liked it overall, even if it didn't completely blow me away.

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  • It



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    Scavenger Hunt #54 - September 2019
    Task 24

    Haven't always been well versed in Stephen King lore, so I wasn't massively expecting this like others were. In regards to the movie at hand, the opening scene was among the most unsettling I've ever seen and sets the tone perfectly. After that I can say I enjoyed this film with mostly the performances shining throughout. As for the scares, I thought they were effectively done, but nothing truly…

  • Carrie



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    Scavenger Hunt #54 - September 2019
    Task 6

    Sissy Spacek has to have some of the scariest eyes in movie history. Terrific performance with the impending sense dread building towards the horrorfying climax. Overall a clear step above the 2013 version and a chilling scary movie in it's own right, Carrie is worth all the praise.