Marriage Story ★★★★★

Marriage Story is a phenomenal film. This and The Irishman made an impact in 2019 when it comes down to what deserving of the Oscars. Director Noah Baumbach has created a charming and beguiling movie from something that seems easy but in reality it really isn't. Lamentably, divorce is something that many have to deal with. The exhibition of emotions from the film outstrips anything I have seen from any movie dealing with the conceptualization of marriage. I can't say that I have a connection of being married but I pretty sure others have. With that being said, married, divorced, or whatever, I recommend everyone to see it. There are some things in here for every person as it slashes back to Nicole and Charlie. Speaking of Nicole and Charlie, Scarlett Johansson (no matter how I about her at the moment) and Adam Driver gives exceptional performances. The unembellished arrangement of emotion and chemistry between them is some of the best I have seen all year. There are monologues that standout as career defining. Let's not forget about Laura Dern, Ray Liotta, Alan Alda, and Azhy Robertson put in tremendous performances was well. It is intriguing seeing how Nicole's parents deal with the situation, as they are huge fans of Charlie. That's what excellent about this movie; it displays their love for one another through all of this chaos. The way they around each other, down to the facial expressions, felt thoroughly realistic. The formation between the two hasn't been better than this in a while. Keep in mind: this is about them breaking up. It is sincere, self-sacrificing, and warming at times. Then, when a smile pops out, it tears your heart out again. From a technical aspect, it is pretty as a picture. Robbie Ryan's cinematography is absolutely spectacular. Every shot selection is a standout. There are no flaws that I can point. This is perfect from start to finished. It is simply remarkable.

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