Possessor ★★★★½

I was excited to see Possessor (the love child of Inception, Mandy, Ghost in the Shell, and Upgrade) for many reasons whether it's the trailer looking good or Brandon Cronenberg is David Cronenberg's son. Not only it transcends those expectations but it's unlike every film I've seen this year. It's not just a horror movie; it has aspects of sci-fi and thriller thrown into the mix. Granted, in my humble opinion, it's more of sci-fi, thriller, or a combination of both than a horror film. However, what allows it to standout is the style. Director Brandon Cronenberg follows behind his father in a way but he accomplishes this hallucinatory editing using colors, visual effects, and mesmerizing transitions. While the color correction makes it a visual treat, it's the story that's the highlight. The story follows an assassin who works for a organization that uses brain-implant technology to control other people's bodies which cause them to commit murders for high-paying clients. Andrea Riseborough magnificently and elegantly depicts our main agent. However, Christopher Abbott get more screentime. He is one of targets and he delivers a topsy-turvy performance as two different souls inside him. Again, both Riseborough and Abbott are phenomenal. They show the lesion that this operation puts them through in a horrifying way. The horror doesn't inescapably comes from what we expect at this point. It largely comes from the kills but the assassinations themselves are vicious, gory, and brutish enough to make feel uncomfortable and disgusted (in a good way). Just like his father, Brandon doesn't hold back. He uses practical effects for most of the violence and it's terrific. The score from Jim Williams is the icing on this delicious cake as it creates a spine-chilling and sinister atmosphere. I understand it isn't a style that some people are going to like. However, as for everyone else, you will love it. As much as I love the film, there was one part in the third act that kind of pushed the violence too far. I get it where the story was at that point and it's engrossing to think about but they should've just cut away from that moment. Self-restraint is your friend and we should use it whether it was uncut or not. However, that moment doesn't undermine the story as we see how this task affect the mentality of Tasya. We see her losing herself at her job and it makes it harder when jobs are close to be finished. What's fascinating about it is the conflict. It's all the "why's" that pop up in your head. The imagery that's utilized throughout is really eye-catching and garish. Possessor is a fantastic film. It's insane and it pushes the boundaries as many will expect (they made it uncut for a reason). It's merciless and entertaining.

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