Tenet ★★★★

Christopher Nolan's Tenet is complicated but audacious, assertive, and mind-blowing film. Just like every Nolan movie, all the technical aspects are phenomenal which includes Ludwig Göransson's fantastic score and Hoyte van Hoytema's beautiful cinematography. What's impressive is where the action sequences and Jennifer Lame's editing. The way she edits the action is unparalleled and exciting. All the performances are excellent. John David Washington is going to be the next thing if he hasn't already. The dude brings The Protagonist to life. He is one of those actors who has so much charm and confidence. I mean.....look up his father. Talent runs through that family. Robert Pattinson is great as well, robs a lot of scenes he's, and continues to prove he's a good actor. Elizabeth Debicki also made a brilliant impression on me and her character was the one that I latched onto the most. Kenneth Branagh is basically playing the same role as he did in that Jack Ryan film back in 2014. Yet, he's superb in it so I'm not going to bitch about that. It's awesome to see him in these villainous roles and he should do more. As good as this movie was, there are a few problems. People are complaining about the sound design and for good reason. There's one scene on the water and that rub me the wrong way. Another thing is that the plot is so convoluted and it's impossible to pick up in one watch. Also, it tosses you into it and never gives you time to breathe until the second act and that's when you put everything together. While I'm still perplexed (and still am) and still trying to keep on what's going on, Tenet is still an enthralling experience. It's worth seeing on the big screen if you feel safe or a theater opens near you.

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