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  • Lone Star

    Lone Star


    Id like to see matthew switch roles and be the main charachter. But it was still pretty ballin.

  • The United States of Leland

    The United States of Leland


    Torn between three and three point five

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  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind

    Close Encounters of the Third Kind


    To kick off my film interpritation class in college school, we watched close encounters, and i enjoyed close encounters because what it is in 1977, because people not only should believe all of this at that time, but it would impress the shit out of them. unlike them old people, the kids in my class were huge boners about it, and they bashed on it, until the teacher explained it, then they hopped on teachers dick and loved it. i dislike the kids, i love the movie.

  • Twin Sitters

    Twin Sitters

    Pathetic excuse for a movie.
    I was forced to watch this movie in English class at which point i decided my teacher is a sick sick man for making me sit through this shit. It is an opposite three ninjas... they are poor excuses of Italians and whenever they change clothes they turn black. its gosh darn stupidity. They only good part is a failed murder that the twin little boys attempt to do. they try and electrocute the sitters while they were in the pool.... i wish they would've.