The Thin Red Line

The Thin Red Line ★★★★

I don’t know why I keep doing this to myself, putting myself through so much pain. This one wasn’t as hard to watch but it still sucked all the joy out of me, I feel so empty. I’m currently in love with war movies, at this point I’m not even scared of them anymore, I’m beginning to admire and appreciate them a lot more.
The thin red line is an interesting film, it’s not your typical war movie, there’s little to no action and it’s mostly character driven, we get to see a lot of soldier to soldier interactions more than battle action, and it’s refreshing. It’s not as raw and violent as most depictions of war in films.
The main problem I had with it was the lack of personal attachment I had to the characters, I didn’t fully connect with any of them, it’s centered on them yet I wasn’t emotionally attached to anyone. That made it very hard for me to shed a tear for this tragic story. I think the only character I cared about was Witt, mainly because he’s kind of the main character, but also because I really liked his vision of the world, how he thought and spoke about life and death, and how he connects with people and nature. He’s a very comforting character. 
There’re so many well known actors, some have very little screen time, and some are literally extras, like Adrien Brody who was always in the background scared shitless. I guess that made it more shocking when any of them died. They all did an amazing job. 
On a more positive note, I cannot express enough my love for the amazing score, absolutely stunning, the best part of the film along with the cinematography. I admired the beauty of every scene, the landscape photography was breathtaking, beautifully shot. This is just what I expected a Terrence Malick war film to look like honestly, I couldn’t be more pleased.
There’s a lot of things I liked and disliked about this film, but I think for the most part, it’s a very beautiful movie. It’s more of a spiritual and personal experience rather than a gruesome one. It’s long and very slow paced, but time flew by fast for me.

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