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TIFF Canada's Top Ten 2021

“Not since its inaugural year in 2001 have there been so many first appearances among the feature-film selections. Some of these films made their world premieres during the Festival and are now debuting their works on the international festival circuit, which is remarkable for first-time directors — I couldn’t be prouder.” —Cameron Bailey, CEO, TIFF

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The first film I’ve ever seen that truly understands long-distance relationships. Shattering, essential stuff — GOD Oswalt.

It’s wild to see how endearing a film with as twisted a premise as this ends up being, but it’s fascinating to see somebody work through an issue like this via cinema
Oswalt is really great at playing both sides on this one, and love the use of physical stand-ins for a digital conversation
Very fun, very wholesome
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I Love My Dad is hysterically funny and, simultaneously, cringey as hell. I mean that in the best possible way.  Patton Oswald stars as Chuck semi-estranged father of Franklin (James Morosini), a socially awkward young adult with suicidal tendencies. When Franklin blocks his dad’s phone number and removes him from all social media, Chuck resorts to creating a new fake profile so that he can maintain visibility into his son’s life. But when Franklin reaches out to this “person” the relationship leads…

Fire of Love

Fire of Love


It's miraculous that each individual shot in this even exists, much less the fact that they can all be cut together in such stunning unity. The story of the Kraffts is wonderful, and related perfectly by Miranda July, but I could probably watch this on silent every day for the rest of my life and be perfectly happy. One of the best-looking films I've ever seen, and it was shot by a few scientists, more as a hobby than anything else. I'm in awe.

Such an incredibly special film. I found myself surprised at how moved I was to see it on the big screen, I almost choked up at the opening credits sequence. It deserves to be seen and heard BIG and LOUD, especially because it's such a loving tribute to the images that Maurice and Katia dedicated themselves to gathering-- they literally gave their lives to, and for, this footage. A gorgeous love letter to them and their work.

Something of a beautiful love story: especially when you're coming to consider how Sara Dosa frames the lives of Maurice and Katia Krafft. They were a couple who lived and died doing something that they loved most in studying volcanoes, but with how much Dosa puts into detail through the archival footage exactly what it is that fuels the Kraffts' love of what they do in Fire of Love, it's especially beautiful just seeing all the images of the eruptions too.

Adding to that, Miranda July's own narration emphasizes the romantic nature of their pursuit - only making this all the more bittersweet.

FIRE OF LOVE: Can Miranda July narrate my entire life? Sweet and affecting, and informative while being totally gorgeous. And so much beautiful red lava.


#TheGrayMan  is just flat out AWESOME! An action packed spy thrill ride that mixes the best of Winter Soldier, Fast/Furious, & John Wick. Ryan Gosling is that ACTION HERO… Ana de Armas is that BAD ASS, & Chris Evans is just the definition of PURE CHAOS. Very much enjoyed this one & while the film is not perfect this was my cup of tea for an action film making it incredible. 

Two issues: 1. Follows some typical spy plot lines you’ve seen before 
2. One dimensional characters that needed more from the script but the performances give more to each character