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#TIFF21 Short Cuts: Isabelle Mecattaf's Beity

In this astutely played and beautifully shot drama, Beity by Isabelle Mecattaf, a look at an anxious day in a wealthy Beirut household becomes a moving rumination on the pain felt by parents of grown children seeking better lives far from home.

#TIFF21 Short Cuts: Albert Shin's Together

Albert Shin demonstrates all his directorial prowess and knack for creating stark yet vivid characters with this remarkable drama, Together, about two strangers who convene at a seaside motel in South Korea with very particular intentions in mind.

#TIFF21 Short Cuts: Ramata-Toulaye Sy's ASTEL

While helping tend her family’s herd of cows in a northern region of Senegal, a 13-year-old girl faces changes that threaten her tight bond with her father in ASTEL, this vividly realized directorial debut by screenwriter and filmmaker Ramata-Toulaye Sy.