Myth-making, Truth, and Blackberry with Matt Johnson and Jay Baruchel

“In 100 years, if you've never heard of a BlackBerry — or whatever the world is in 100 years — I believe that the story that these men go on will be applicable to your life.”

Matt Johnson (The Dirties, Operation Avalanche) and Jay Baruchel (The Art of the Steal, Goon) stop by Studio 9 to delve into the captivating world of their latest film, BlackBerry. The writer/director and actor discuss the writing process, the importance of myth-making in story telling, and why sometimes bending the truth makes for a much better story.

Every era has its visionaries, and BlackBerry, co-written by Director Matt Johnson and Producer Matthew Miller, investigates the brilliance of the individuals that invented the world’s first smartphone. Recounting the Canadian company’s humble yet chaotic rise to market dominance, BlackBerry is a darkly comedic telling of the tragic tale of a Canadian company that revolutionized the way we communicate, before swiftly plummeting into obsolescence.