Mars Attacks!

Mars Attacks! ★★★

If you haven't seen this movie but already think that Tim Burton films are weird, watch this and think again. Out of all the ones I've seen this is definitely the weirdest and craziest and silliest. It doesn't even feel like a Tim Burton film to be honest because none of his signature aesthetic is there, and comedy is not his usual genre either, especially not in this silly or sometimes plain stupid way. And I do have to admit that it was too much for me sometimes, even though I did have fun.

I had literally forgotten everyone in this cast except for Jack Nicholson, so I had about fifty extremely pleasant surprises when I read the opening titles. What a cast! Definitely the aspect that does most for making Mars Attacks an enjoyable watch. The last year ended with Jack Nicholson for me and this year began with him, just as it should be I'd say. I wish he actually was the American president in reality. I also really liked the music here. I keep underestimating Danny Elfman and I should really stop that because with every film I watch I appreciate his work more.

The character design of the Martians is simply ridiculous, but also kind of funny, and the rest of the effects is actually pretty good. I think whether people like this movie or not relies completely on personal preference, and I have to say that most of it doesn't match mine, but I loved watching the cast and I also had fun with some other things. Also I should say that I don't know the old science fiction films that it's apparently parodying, but I actually feel like checking some of them out after this.

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