Victoria ★★★★½

Why are movies like Birdman and 1917 even bothering when a perfect one-take film already exists? They're all making these crazy and expensive efforts to hide their cuts while you could just write a script that's possible to shoot in one shot and get the people you need in order to do so.

So yes, Victoria was filmed in one continuous shot, and they took that literally. No hidden cuts, no other tricks, nothing. But that's not the reason why Victoria is a great movie. It's a great movie because it's extremely immersive, it has a totally fucked up story, and I mean that in the best way possible, it has interesting characters that are worth being followed for two hours, and it's extremely tense. It just really lived up to the hype it got upon release. The performances are amazing, they must have had months of rehearsals to achieve this result. I would say that these actors must be theater actors, but I know some of them and they're not.

Victoria has a few flaws though, and that's not even because a two hour long shot basically can't get perfect. The exposition was very long and I didn't really see a reason for that. It could have easily been five to ten minutes shorter in order to place the inciting incident earlier in the story, I think it would have benefitted from that. Luckily the rest of the film is so good that you've most likely forgotten about that by the end. I also had a problem with the characters' behavior sometimes. After they committed a crime, some things they did seemed pretty stupid to me. They should have been much more careful, and I'm saying that as someone who literally doesn't know anything about this kind of thing, maybe except for the things I learned from movies or media in general. So it wasn't very believable to me that they as criminals didn't behave more appropriately. But they also did one very smart thing, so I didn't lose all my hope.

Those are only minor flaws in my opinion and the positive things definitely outweigh them by far. Victoria is such a great movie that I would say it should have been nominated for an Oscar for best foreign-language feature, but then I realized that the characters actually speak English for 90% of the movie so it probably didn't qualify for that category. Well, best picture would have been okay too.

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