• Fantastic Mr. Fox

    Fantastic Mr. Fox


    I’ve legitimately watched this film more than 7 times and I’m not tired of it.

  • Brazil



    Thanks To Cinephile2002 For Recommending This To Me! 

    Wow this was an amazing film every single second! There was not a single full moment ever! I can’t really say much though, but damn this was just so damn brilliant!

    Sam Lowry is one of the best movie characters ever! The side characters (especially Tuttle) were so much fun. The performances are incredible, the cinematography is breathtaking, and THE SCORE!!!

    Easily one of my favorites!

  • Spirited Away

    Spirited Away


    I adore Studio Ghibli! They make beautiful, emotional, heartwarming, sad, etc type films. Most people consider Spirited Away to be their best film. I don’t see it. 

    Now of course I remember watching this film and loving it. Heck it was my third favorite film at one point. But man I noticed so many flaws while watching this with my younger sister.

    Firstly, my sister hated it (as she does any film I show her that isn’t Frozen II) She…

  • Cries and Whispers

    Cries and Whispers


    Red Walls: The Movie

  • The Before... Collection

    The Before... Collection


    My god I didn’t think there was a trilogy better than the Lord of the Rings Trilogy but I was dead wrong. This trilogy is like no other, it’s impossible to make another Before Trilogy.

    These films made me feel emotions that I didn’t even know existed. That of romance,
    finding your true soulmate, joy, and so many more emotions. And how the film shows that is by the connection between Celine and Jesse. Who is still the best couple…

  • Ikiru



    Ikiru was a surprise scening how I was scared of watching it for the longest time. Well, technically I thought I was going to cry a lot. But I didn’t so that’s good. 

    Ikiru is a special film, I really can’t add much more to the table. It’s a beautiful and inspiring film that manages to tug at your heartstrings. 

    I can’t really say much else, go watch it if you haven’t? I don’t have much to say.

  • The Thing

    The Thing


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    The Thing (when I first watched it) was in my top 5. Sadly, It was part of a big batch of movies that were lowered for me to look more strict. Now that that I’ve rewatched this, it’s fucking incredible! 

    One thing I forgot was how amazing the effects are. The amount of detail put into every piece of gore is incredible! Every piece of respect to everyone who worked on it.

    Another thing that although kinda clicked on first…

  • Inglourious Basterds

    Inglourious Basterds


    After my 3rd time watching this, it’s still one of the most fun, exciting, gory films I’ve ever seen. 

    The characters in this film are complete badasses. I love Aldo, Bear Jew, Soshanna, Hans, etc. Hans in particular is easily one of my favorite antagonists. Controversial opinion though, I prefer Aldo. The acting and dialogue is amazing (just like with every Tarantino film). And holy crap the opening, the bear jew scene, and the ending were perfect!

    Yeah this film is incredible. I’m very excited to rewatch all of Tarantino’s filmography.

  • Dancer in the Dark

    Dancer in the Dark


    Before I watched this I expected this to be a lighthearted and beautiful film about a woman who loves musicals who unfortunately loses her eyesight. I didn’t get that. But what I did get was so much better.

    This is one of the most emotional, brutal, and impressive films I’ve ever seen. Bjork gives by far my favorite actress performance I’ve ever seen. The character of Selma is fun but slowly gets more deep as the film goes. The ending…

  • Before Sunrise

    Before Sunrise


    Man what the FUCK was I thinking rerating that to a 4.5 and then a 4?! This film is perfection in every way possible, the fucking experience I had with this film is too impossible to explain. But I guess I can try.

    This is 100% my favorite movie tied with Adaptation. I don’t think movies are supposed to be this good. Adaptation is my favorite film because of the impact it had on me, Before Sunrise had an experience…

  • Ghost in the Shell

    Ghost in the Shell


    I love animation, it’s a medium that none other can do. It’s definitely not just for kids, it’s for everyone. So you can see my surprise when I watched one of the most critically acclaimed animated films, Ghost In The Shell, and didn’t love it.

    First, the animation is amazing. I will always respect hand drawn animation. The action is pretty awesome too. And I guess The Puppetmaster is a really good antagonist.

    But my problems come with basically anything…

  • Magnolia



    On first watch- Man this movie is boring, uninteresting, and emotionless.
    On Second Watch- This film is probably something I should watch when I’m older

    Magnolia is an interesting film, because everyone I know seems to love it. I don’t and I blame it on the fact that I’m not ready for this yet. I can (kinda) see why people relate so heavily to this movie.…